AKUT and ÜÇGE: A Solidarity Strengthened by Cooperation

An important cooperation was realized with the protocol signed between Turkey's leading search and rescue association AKUT and ÜÇGE. With this cooperation, both organizations are taking important steps towards serving the society more effectively and efficiently by bringing together their expertise in different fields.

ÜÇGE Group Companies President Esra Güven, ÜÇGE Store Equipment Factory Director Taner Güler, ÜÇGE Group Companies HR Director Seda Nur Akcan İncir, Corporate Communications Manager Sevgi Yalçın, AKUT Bursa Team Leader Abdullah Nişancıoğlu and AKUT Bursa Team Project and Fundraising Department Officer Türker Kuş were present during the protocol signing.

Within the scope of the protocol, ÜÇGE will provide the storage areas that AKUT needs, which will allow AKUT to carry out its operational processes in a more organized and effective manner. On the other hand, AKUT, with its expertise and experience in the field, will create the Administrative Activities and Risk Assessment Report of the Corporate Crisis Center for emergencies under the roof of ÜÇGE Group and organize awareness trainings and programs for ÜÇGE employees. The trainings to be organized aim to raise awareness on disaster awareness and crisis management in emergencies. At the same time, a Disaster and Volunteer Information seminar will be organized with AKUT as a social responsibility project. Throughout this process, ÜÇGE will be more effective in the face of emergencies and will continue to prioritize the safety of its employees.

This cooperation between AKUT and ÜÇGE is one of the best examples of social solidarity and the spirit of partnership. The determination of the two organizations to create value for the future by acting together offers a promising model of cooperation.