ÜÇGE, one of the most important suppliers of store equipment and shelf systems in the retail sector, organized a blood donation campaign in cooperation with the Red Crescent.

ÜÇGE employees showed great participation in the campaign organized at ÜÇGE's main factory in Bursa Organized Industrial Zone. Seçkin Yüksel, Member of the Executive Board of ÜÇGE, said: "Every year we organize a Blood Donation Campaign in our company together with Bursa Red Crescent Blood Center. Blood is the most basic source of life with vital importance in human life. We can be the hope of life for many people with blood donation once or twice a year. It should not be forgotten that blood donation is voluntary and should be done with this awareness. As ÜÇGE, we are always ready to do our best. We want to set an example for companies to approach blood donation, which gives life to many patients, with the same sensitivity. " he said.

At the end of the campaign, Red Crescent staff thanked ÜÇGE AŞ managers and employees for their support and sensitivity.