ÜÇGE demonstrates its sensitivity to the environment with the 'Sustainability Project' it will carry out. 

ÜÇGE, which has always shown its sensitivity to the environment by acting in accordance with national and international regulations and all other conditions in all its activities and projects it has carried out since its establishment, implements its sustainability project with the motto of "Future Follows You" on the way to leave a livable world to future generations. 

Taking an important step for a sustainable future, ÜÇGE once again demonstrates its sensitivity to the environment in all areas of activity and in all projects it will implement, with the 'Sustainability Project' it will carry out.  

Making a statement on the subject, ÜÇGE General Director Esra Güven said, “The world population and its parallel consumption are increasing rapidly, natural resources are rapidly depleting and we are faced with serious environmental pollution. We, as ÜÇGE, set out by raising awareness and consciousness on this issue, saying what we can do to leave a truly livable world to new generations, and how we can all contribute by touching our families and our environment. We adopt sustainability as an integral part of our corporate culture and corporate strategies and take steps to integrate it into all our processes. Of course, since our establishment, we have been implementing important projects for the environment and nature within the scope of sustainability. Finally, together with our country, we have taken the first step as a local producer to put an end to the waste problem, which is of great importance today. Our new product group, iECO Deposit Return Automats and Public Return Center / Verification facilities systems, which we developed with the mission of contributing to the economy and the environment and with social responsibility awareness, as the most important step of the circular economy that ensures the clean return of resources to the national economy. We have taken a big step towards leaving a livable world to future generations.

We are proceeding with a more systematic and more comprehensive policy in all our processes that we plan for a sustainable future. Within the scope of the project, we formed our ÜÇGE sustainability volunteers team, which consists primarily of volunteers within the company. Subsequently, as ÜÇGE, we determined our carbon footprint and took action by determining a roadmap to reduce them. With this project, we, as ÜÇGE, want to leave a mark on the future by creating awareness.

We will move forward in our sustainability journey with a strategy that creates value in all areas, not only on environmental issues, but also under the umbrella of sustainability.”