The 15th Industrial Engineering and Industry Summit (EMSAZ'20) organized by Uludağ University (UU) Industrial Engineering Society was held on February 28-29. ÜÇGE Chairman Gökçin Aras was the guest of the summit held at Prof. Dr. Mete Cengiz Cultural Center with his success story in business life and his presentation titled "Game Changers".

The university-industry cooperation, which is of great importance in terms of university-industry cooperation, is of great importance, especially for the industry. engineering students and engineering and administrative sciences faculties students, final year high school students and industrialists from various fields. The 15th edition of the EMSAZ'20 Summit, which brings together the leading representatives of took place. Students are expected to be academically informed and to have a good relationship with the business environment. strengthen their connections and social and cultural cohesion  the summit provided approximately 1000 students to meet with industry circles. on the first day of the summit, ÜÇGE Chairman Gökçin Aras, Volvo Turkey CEO

Sabri Sözen, Shiftdeletenet founder Hakkı Alkan and Matrix Talent Yaprak Metin from International took part with her presentations. ÜÇGE Chairman Gökçin Aras: "The only thing I can say to young people is to keep their dreams wide." The summit, which started with the National Anthem and opening speeches, was titled 'Game Changers'.

young people do not have anything to learn from us, but we have something to learn from young people we have a lot to offer," Aras said, emphasizing the following in his speech: "Today, in the age of information and communication, young people are so much faster than us and their perception is so so much that we have a lot to learn from young people. My advice to young people the only thing I can say is to keep their dreams wide. I believe that achieving success the only way is to dream. When you ask me what is your capital in entrepreneurship they'd ask me, and I'd say my dreams are my capital. we cannot". by courageously overcoming taught fears and stereotypes, creative a perspective, proper planning and an entrepreneurial spirit to plan life underlining the importance of the youth, Aras said, "When you pave the way for young people, you create obstacles for them. when you are not, those young people will lead you to a brighter and more correct path.

This is a relay race. We will entrust this flag to you. I am sure you will carry this flag much further than us. Much better works you will succeed," he concluded. Participants of Aras' speech listened with great interest by the audience. After his speech, Aras met with young people and was accompanied by Industrial Engineers a plaque of appreciation was presented by Ecem Yüce, Board Member of the Community it was.

On the second day of the meeting, Bosch Bursa President Ersin Öztürk, Mint Production Speeches by Founder Birol Güven and BKM Kitap Founder Kutbettin Bingölbali,

While the sessions of TAI and Coca Cola companies took place, illusionists Kıvanç and Burak's performances brought the summit to an end. In addition, during the two-day summit, there were workshops such as Humor Workshop, Office Yoga, Google Assistant Training, Value Engineering and Diction Trainings given.