ÜÇGE Shopfitting & Design



We integrate the vision of the future, which we offer to our customers with our half a century of experience in the sector and innovative solutions, with our designs. With our ideas blended with new technologies, we produce special solutions from decoration to lighting in a variety of colors and colors specific to the product group. We follow new material trends made from recycled materials and used in other industries and incorporate them into our products. We put our signature under ergonomically designed projects by prioritizing not only appearance but also human health and safety. 


During the projecting phase, a synergetic team is formed with project managers, experts, engineers and customer representatives who are experts in their fields, who have many disciplines, analyze customer expectations and follow the sector. The materials that contribute to the realization of the project, technical infrastructure, project management system, ERP system have high technological equipment. The project team prepares the project in accordance with the expectations and budget of the customer. After the material critique, sample production is carried out.