The iECO branded smart products and systems that serve the Deposit Return System, which will be implemented as the most important step of the circular economy, which ensures that resources are brought into the national economy in a clean way, attracted great attention.

ÜÇGE, a global brand with its production and technology power, at the We-Cycle Environment and Recycling Technologies Fair held in İzmir; It hosted its visitors with its 46 years of experience, high technology and iECO branded smart products and systems serving the Deposit Return System.


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ÜÇGE General Director Esra Güven; “We brought together our iECO branded smart products and systems that serve the Deposit Return System, which will be implemented as one of the important steps taken in the name of recycling in our country, at the We-Cycle Environment and Recycling Technologies Fair. With the increase in the world population and the changing consumption habits, our natural resources are decreasing. It has become very important for the world to reduce material consumption, recycle all kinds of recyclable qualified wastes and include them in the consumption network. Together with our country, we are taking the first step as a local producer to put an end to the waste problem, which is of great importance today. iECO branded smart products, including Deposit Return Machines and Public Return Center and Verification Facility Automation Systems, implemented with the technologies we have developed under the roof of Sirius, have an infrastructure that can be developed according to the needs of the sector, as well as being environmentally friendly and efficient. iECO vending machines, also known as Deposit Return Machines, are a product group with internet of things technologies. We can also define ÜÇGE iECO deposit return machines as recycling vending machines. The return points/centers created within the scope of the recycling ecosystem will be found as the point where the empty and verified packages fed by the consumers are received and the deposit fees are returned, and the activities carried out in the vending machines located at these points will also leave a live time record in the deposit information system run by the environmental agency. Developed by 100% domestic capital and Turkish engineers, iECO Recovery System Software also has an infrastructure that complies with the Deposit Information System Regulation and provides remote control and management when required.."said.


As a company with 100 percent Turkish capital, we have established this important system, which provides gains both in terms of our country, society and the environment, with the contributions of manufacturers, retailers, HORECA and consumers.Recycle for your futureGüven stated that he is proud and happy to contribute in line with the slogan; “With our iEco Recycling systems, which we developed with the mission of contributing to the economy and the environment and with a sense of social responsibility, which are used to collect and separate recyclable packaging waste, we are taking a big step towards leaving a livable world to future generations. With the inclusion of future generations in the circular economy system, all stakeholders will be benefited by gaining the habit of recycling." said.

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