On behalf of ÜÇGE, the Market Sponsor, Chairman of the Board of Directors Gökçin Aras was presented with a plaque of appreciation by GPD Vice Chairman and Migros Ticaret A.Ş. Chief Executive Officer Özgür Tort. ÜÇGE brought together the retail lines of the future, realized with high technology investments, with retail sector representatives at the GPD Joint Development Congress. In addition to the products of the main sponsors of the congress, Coca Cola İçecek, P&G, PepsiCo and Unilever, a real market atmosphere was created in the area where the products of local producers and cooperatives participating in the congress from all over Turkey were exhibited. The Food Retailers Association (GPD), which provides a great added value to the economy, especially with a turnover of 150 billion TL and over 400 thousand jobs, with its members consisting of the leading retailers of the sector, organized the "GPD-Common Development Congress" for the 5th time on October 9 with the theme of "New Retail". Attended by over 800 retailers and suppliers, the congress and the Development Market concept attracted great interest like the previous ones. 

ÜÇGE Shopfitting & Design General Manager Esra Güven emphasized that as the pioneering and leading company of the sector, they develop projects with the aim of continuously creating value for the retail sector. Giving information about the concept realized at the GPD Joint Development Congress, Güven said; "Last year, for the first time, we created the most comprehensive market area possible in a congress under the name of "Development Market" together with GPD. The Development Market, which reflects the retail lines of the future and which we created with the patented new generation shelf system "Saturn Concept" offered to retail with ÜÇGE's R&D studies and high technology investments, attracted great interest from retailers this year as well. With this concept, we have demonstrated how the product is highlighted more than the shelf and how this system creates product perception in the consumer. In this system, we also offer higher quality products to our customers, and we ensure that our customers' store investment costs are reflected as an advantage. Saturn Concept provides an aesthetic and functional presentation as well as space efficiency with its angled shelves surrounding the columns, different depth and width options, and makes a difference compared to standard shelf systems. 

Together with Saturn Concept, we took part in Gelişim Market with our new products that reflect ÜÇGE's design power and will make a difference in the stores, such as bakery stand, fruit and vegetable section, cash register base, middle sections and new shelf combinations. In addition, with the ÜÇGE & DİGİ agreement, which made a great impact in the sector this year, we brought together our DİGİ products, which will produce strong solutions in the field of electronics for retail, with the representatives of the retail sector."