ÜÇGE, one of the world's leading brands in the field of store equipment and warehouse shelving systems, accelerated its "Kaizen System", which it maintains within the scope of continuous development and improvement-oriented studies, with the launch it organized.

ÜÇGE, which attaches great importance to carrying out activities focused on continuous development and improvement since the day it was founded, carried out its launches organized with the slogan "Step by Step Future with Kaizen" in Bursa OSB central factory and Mustafakemalpaşa OSB factory. ÜÇGE employees came together at the dinner organization specially organized for the launch. ÜÇGE employees were informed with videos and presentations about the last point reached in the Kaizen System, Kaizen applications implemented at ÜÇGE and the stages to be realized from now on.  

ÜÇGE Logistics Group Supervisor İsmail Yavuz, who manages the Kaizen system process in ÜÇGE Group companies, said in his statement at the launch: "ÜÇGE has always been a company that has always taken its understanding of always running forward and always turning its face for the better from its employees since 1976. With this understanding, based on the philosophy of "He who does the job best knows it", we have accelerated the Kaizen System, which we established with the contributions of blue and white collar personnel working at all levels of the enterprise, by updating it again. So far, many Kaizen suggestions have been implemented within the organization, which have made a great contribution to all our processes in terms of technology, cost and time. We aim to ensure the continuity of the system, which we have been implementing for many years, with the more active participation of our current employees and the inclusion of our new colleagues in the process."