ÜÇGE, one of the most important suppliers of the retail sector in the field of store equipment and warehouse shelving systems, hosted Ömer Düzgün, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Turkish Retailers Federation (TPF), TPF Board Members and Bursa PERDER Board Members at its main factory in Bursa OSB.

TPF As President Ömer Düzgün and Board Members İhsan Biçen, Mahmut Kara, Soner Doruk, İbrahim Özhan, Vahdet Sarıkaya, Ali Kaya, Osman Kalafat, Mehmet Kalkan, Osman Polat, Bursa PERDER President Haşim Kılıç, Board Members Mehmet Karalı, Harun Aslan and Temel Altun attended the visit. TPF Management visited the factory hosted by Üçge Chairman Gökçin Aras and closely examined Üçge's advanced technology machinery and innovative products for the retail sector. TPF members expressed their great interest and appreciation for the new generation shelf systems and the innovative usage area developed for the cash register section. After the production and showroom visit, the team held a small sector evaluation meeting within the scope of the Retail Interview and exchanged views by listening to Gökçin Aras and TPF President Ömer Düzgün's thoughts on the current situation, expectations and steps to be taken for the development of the retail sector and local chains. Stating that they closely observe local chains as a supplier company, Aras emphasized that the PERDER and TPF organization undertakes a great mission in the healthy growth and branding of local chains and that ÜÇGE always stands by the sector representatives with its knowledge and experience. TPF President Ömer Düzgün thanked Gökçin Aras and his team for hosting this organization and holding a productive meeting that will shed light on the sector.

At the end of the visit, host Gökçin Aras and TPF President Ömer Düzgün presented gifts to commemorate the day.