sosyal mesafe koruyucu panel


ÜÇGE has urgently implemented the "Social Distance Protective Panel" product designed in its R&D center for the needs of the retail sector, which is working intensively against the Covid-19 Virus threat, which has an impact all over the world.

"Retail is a business that requires being in the field"

While companies as well as the state continue to take the necessary measures against the coronavirus outbreak; Retail is one of the sectors that must be on the field for the public to access their needs. Grocery stores, which are especially critical to remain open, provide the basic needs of citizens. This leads the markets, where people have to gather, to take new measures. ÜÇGE R&D Engineers, who set out from this issue, realized the "Social Distance Protective Panel" product, which they designed for the most effective protection against the possible spread of viruses and bacteria that will threaten the health of both store employees and customers.

As ÜÇGE Family, we wish to overcome this process in a very short time and in the strongest way and meet again in healthy and beautiful days.