ÜÇGE is among the Top 50 Companies with the Most Patents and Design Registrations in Turkey

ÜÇGE is proud to add value with the mission of always moving the sector forward in the "R&D 250" survey prepared by Turkishtime with 2020 data, ranking 41st in Turkey according to the Number of Design Registrations Received in the R&D Center and 42nd in Turkey according to the Number of Patents Received.

Since our establishment, we have realized many innovations that will be the "first" in the sector. In the last three years, we have registered 16 patents/utility models and 18 design registrations. We have realized many more innovations that will benefit the sectors we serve. There are also patent applications that we are currently working on. Our company received the "Good Design Award" at the Design Turkey "Industrial Design Awards" in 2017 and 2019 and the "First Company with the Most Patent Applications in the Furniture Sector in Bursa province in 2012-2016" award in 2017, crowning its work in this field with awards.

"We will launch our new products focused on Software/Automation-oriented Smart Products and Sustainable Future very soon"

The future is digital... We are setting our goals on this digital transformation path. Within the scope of ÜÇGE's future R&D strategies, we have focused on developing automation-oriented products for the retail and logistics world of the future, as well as developing products and systems with high energy efficiency, creating awareness in environmental pollution, recycling and reducing carbon footprint, contributing to our world, nature and the environment. In these processes, we are also developing our cooperation with universities, research centers and industry under the roof of R&D. As a result of these efforts, we will soon launch our new products focused on Software/Automation-oriented Smart Products and Sustainable Future.

"We Need to Focus on Value Creation"

The state provides important support to companies within the scope of technology, R&D and patent studies. We also have applications for industry-university collaborations. Companies should take advantage of these important supports and channelize their efforts to create value. We would like to emphasize that it is very important to proceed on this path with curiosity, desire and patience, as well as a sustainable and internalized corporate approach. We should focus on technology and R&D projects and strive for branding. We should aim to increase the added value created by our exports at a higher rate with brand value."