ÜÇGE's World Environment Week Campaign to Leave a Trace for the Future

ÜÇGE's World Environment Week Campaign to Leave a Mark for the Future

ÜÇGE, which continues its activities by observing the principles of sustainability, organized a meaningful event with its employees during the World Environment Week. Within the scope of the campaign organized with the motto "Leave your mark for the future", ÜÇGE company employees contributed to the sustainable future by bringing the recyclable materials they collected at home to the special collection points prepared at ÜÇGE.

Commenting on the campaign, Gizem Sezer Yurdal, ÜÇGE Sustainability Project Team Leader, said: "Today, reducing environmental impacts and using resources efficiently are becoming increasingly important and sustainability is one of the most important issues shaping our future. Being aware of our responsibility for the future, we accept sustainability as an integral part of our corporate culture and strategies. We continue to generate solutions to make our processes fully compliant with sustainability principles and to ensure that future generations live in a better environment. Within the scope of the sustainability project, we monitor and report greenhouse gas emissions resulting from our operations on climate change issues. We also continue our efforts to reduce carbon emissions. With the campaign we organized during the World Environment Week, we aimed to raise awareness among our employees and their families about reducing waste generation, proper sorting and recycling recyclable resources for a better world. Of course, not only during the campaign period but also as a standard, recyclable materials such as metal, plastic, glass, paper, electronics, waste oil and batteries, which we separate in our factories and offices and which our employees regularly bring from their homes, are properly collected and sent to recycling facilities. We continue our efforts with the goal of leaving a meaningful mark on the future."