Bakery Displays

The bakery product aisles, which are indispensable in every market, should be presented to the customer in the way you can best display your products. While planning the department in accordance with the market concept line, elements other than design should not be ignored. Maintaining freshness for a long time is of great importance in FMCG products. Bakery product shelves, which require careful work, should be in a hygienic structure and should be in a structure that can maintain order. Since it is a food section, extra attention should be paid to cleanliness in terms of health and it should be equipped with easy-to-clean spacious sections. Thus, customers can easily make their choices.

The customer should provide easy access to the bakery unit. In a market project, the selection of the area where the department is located is also very important. It should be divided into types according to the product to be exhibited and a shelf system should be made according to the structure and size of the product. Wood is one of the most preferred materials in the bakery product display sections, which can be customized and produced with the desired material. It is highly preferred because it is warm, sincere and natural. Choosing materials that are aesthetically stylish and lively in addition to their functionality is one way to attract customers. We can integrate wood with any other material you want in our facilities where we have the opportunity to process many materials together.

Air-permeable and non-ventilated units are made for the protection of fresh food products with a longer shelf life and products with a longer shelf life on the bakery product shelves. Keeping baked goods hot and fresh makes these markets more attractive to customers. With shelves, baskets, open, closed, glazed, etc. Options such as these are preferred according to the product to be exhibited and the tastes of the customers. Lighting is one of the important elements that shows the freshness of the product and also helps customers to choose their products easily. We can also support you with our lighting solutions that are compatible with modular structures.