Antimicrobial solutions from ÜÇGE to the retail industry

One of the sectors most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic is the retail sector. It is clear that the pandemic has caused major changes in market dynamics. Consumers now exhibit different behaviors within the scope of health measures and try to minimize physical contact. Retailers are developing plans and measures to meet the new demands of governments and consumers.

Being aware of the fact that surfaces requiring physical contact in businesses have a great impact on the health of employees and customers, ÜÇGE produced the iCu hygienic product brand with a forward-thinking attitude. In this way, iCU branded products came to the aid of businesses during the pandemic process. Thanks to the antimicrobial alloys in their structure, these products ensure the safety of physical contact without the need for chemical disinfectants. These revolutionary products of ÜÇGE kill more than 99.9 of the microbial % on them within 2 hours.

iCu branded products can be used in many areas from hospitals to supermarkets, shops, hotels, schools, public and private institutions and public transportation. In the retail sector, this technology, which can be used in store equipment such as shopping carts, furniture parts (handles), elevators, door handles, and on any surface that requires physical contact, is an investment of ÜÇGE's “Social Responsibility Project”, which aims at public health. ÜÇGE, which provides "quality standardization" with its iCu branded products produced using anti-microbial (ial) alloys in accordance with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards, perfectly meets today's hygiene demands by considering the benefit/price balance.

While hygiene and social distancing measures are the most pressing issues during the pandemic, retailers have other challenges to overcome. OECD research clearly shows an increase in demand for essential retail products. Accordingly, as McKinsey & Company's research has shown, food and grocery retailers in particular are suffering from shortages of stocks that cause a decline in labor supply and supply chain interruptions. Of course, such issues require action on storage equipment and technologies, as well as logistics, to maximize functionality. In this extremely important issue, supply chains are ready to use any resource available to them. ÜÇGE continues to develop warehouse shelving systems that maximize efficiency and provide maximum storage capacity, especially in minimum space, by using artificial intelligence and smart automation technologies.

Although it is difficult to adapt to all changes, the ÜÇGE R&D Center works hard to meet the demands of retailers and supply chains with innovations that enable them to keep up with the conditions.