A friendly and fast service in the checkout section, which is the last stop of the shopping experience, is one of the most special experiences that will be remembered by your customers. The ergonomic and safe working area provided to cashiers also increases happiness and productivity. The aisles, adapted to the area of case coasters, become indispensable for the store concept with their sales-increasing effect. ÜÇGE designs and presents its crate underlay projects by considering all these details.

Cash register pads, one of the most important needs of the markets, make shopping easier and aim to adapt to your concept with their stylish design. Another function is that it provides the opportunity to store all kinds of products and used tools in an elegant way. The crate bottoms, which are produced in many different ways, can be designed with or without a band, with turnstile, without turnstile, with or without a basket. We provide flexibility with the desired color and special design and production method. Market place mats, which are shaped according to the needs of customers in different sizes, are produced in our integrated facilities at ÜÇGE standards and quality. The grocery counter is one of the most important equipment found in all markets. Under the cash register is one of the equipment that complements the market, where employees who appeal to the visual tastes of customers provide ease of use.

The service offered to customers creates a positive or negative impression. Care must be taken as the under-the-counter tables provide an environment for cashiers to provide quality service. Because the level of priority given by the markets to the cash register systems leaves a positive or negative impression on every customer. Under-the-cash desk systems should also be considered, as they will greatly benefit the cashiers' service delivery potential. The prices of the cash register base vary depending on the type of cash register chosen according to the needs and demands of the customers. From the material used to the design, the project phase deadline may also vary.

The fact that the products brought by the customers to the cash desk can be read quickly by moving on the tape provides an advantage in terms of saving time for the customers and employees. In terms of the places where the market equipment used during the shopping process will be located, the bottom of the cash registers provides a lot of convenience.