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Home and Living

We Carry the Warmth of Home to Your Store

The shopping experience is no longer limited to just buying the products we need. Today, the shopping experience includes many factors, from the design of the store to the presentation of the products. Consumers can both find products that meet their needs and have a pleasant shopping experience. Read more

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Optics & Accessories

Accessories, one of the most striking areas of boutique stores, attract the attention of many people with their wide product range. For the display of optics, eyeglasses and accessories with colorful and various product groups, stands are produced by using many materials together. Customers' comfort in store decoration Read more

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Stationery & Bookstore

Shelving systems specially designed and produced for book lovers in concepts such as stationery, libraries and book cafes are designed to provide stores with a better shopping experience. We implement projects that make both regular and customers feel good and comfortable. With bookstore and stationery shelf systems, Read more

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Sports Stores

Increase the Energy in Your Sports Store The energetic atmosphere you will create in your sports stores creates a brand perception in your customers and makes a great contribution to the shopping experience.

Sportswear brands should consider in more detail the factors that positively affect customer experience in this period of increasing competition. sports products Read more

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DIY Stores

The fact that the DIY stores, where we spend more time today and remember the shortcomings of our homes, can find all the needs of our homes, are in such a way that we can easily access every product group in a short time and at the same time offer an interesting and spacious atmosphere. Read more

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Health & Cosmetics

The health sector necessitates innovative shelf solutions in these areas where the product variety of special store equipment used in the display of pharmacies, cosmetics and drugstores is huge. All materials such as metal, wood, plexiglass, glass can be used in health and cosmetic shelf systems. Use Read more

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Electronic Markets

Make Room for Future Technologies

Your customers experience their first impressions of your brand with their eyesight. An effective visual merchandising plays a key role in this experience. Correctly designed visual applications differentiate your brand in the minds of your customers, ensure that you are in the most ideal position, and increase brand loyalty. Read more

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Duty Free

Üçge A.Ş., one of the most established companies in the retail sector, is walking fast and confidently in the field of Boutique Retailing. Üçge's signature is present in many important stores in the shopping mall projects that made an impact in 2013 with their design, architecture and openings. Burberry M.Line, Burberry Kids at Zorlu AVM, Read more

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Boutique Stores

ÜÇGE processes all the materials offered by nature for you.

In addition to its mass production, ÜÇGE produces all kinds of wood veneer, stainless steel, wire, plexiglass, glass, lacquer painting, etc., suitable for boutique store concept designs. It processes all materials gracefully with applications and creates the desired design. Read more

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