ÜÇGE Chairman Gökçin Aras was the guest of Nilüfer Career Days organized at Bursa Rotary Primary School under the coordination of Nilüfer Guidance and Research Center with his success story in business life.

Nilüfer Career Days, organized by Nilüfer Guidance and Research Center under the Nilüfer District Directorate of National Education and attended by approximately 5,500 students, was held at Nilüfer Municipality Bursa Rotary Primary School between April 16-18. The event, which was organized for middle school eighth grade and high school eleventh and twelfth grade students affiliated to Nilüfer District Directorate of National Education, was organized with the participation of institutions and professional experts who will guide students in their career choices and career planning.

ÜÇGE Chairman Gökçin Aras took part in the program organized on the third day of the event with his success story. In the program that started with the National Anthem and opening speeches, Aras shared his experiences that will give young people different perspectives and visions in his speech titled 'Everything Will Be Beautiful'. "Young people have a lot to learn from young people, not from us," Aras said, emphasizing the following in his speech. "Today, in the age of information and communication, young people are so much faster than us and their perceptions are so high that we have a lot to learn from young people. The only thing I can tell young people is to keep their dreams wide. The only way to achieve success is to dream. In entrepreneurship, they used to ask me what my capital was, and I would say my capital was my dreams. We cannot achieve reality without dreaming." Sharing that he is in favor of young people not being restricted by their elders and being left free, Aras underlined that young people can do and achieve anything after planning their time well. Aras said, "As a company, we are at the cutting edge in the use of technology. There are people younger than me in the use of this technology. When you pave the way for young people and do not hinder them, those young people will lead you to a brighter and more correct path. Stating that Atatürk entrusted the future to young people, Aras said, "This is a relay race. We will entrust this flag to you. I am sure that you will carry this flag much further than us. You will achieve much better things," he concluded his words. Aras' speech was listened with great interest by the participants. In the program, Zeki Müren Fine Arts High School Student Orchestra also presented a unique music feast.

In the 'Nilüfer Career Days' event, the District Director of National Education Mustafa Muharrem Tüfekçi, Provincial Branch Manager Kemal Ünal, District Branch Manager Selahattin Erdoğmuş, Education Union-Sen Bursa Branch President Ramazan Acar, Nilüfer Guidance and Research Center Director Ekrem Selçuk, Bursa Rotary Primary School Director Mehmet Arı and ÜÇGE Chairman Gökçin Aras visited the booths. The program ended with the protocol meeting with students, professional experts and institution representatives in the foyer area.