üçge konseri


ÜÇGE brought its employees and their families together with the magnificent concert of ÜÇGE Music Club, one of the social clubs that ÜÇGE realized with the philosophy of 'our most important value is people', and the Seniority Ceremony covering ÜÇGE Group Companies. In the organization held at Bursa Academic Chambers Union, ÜÇGE Music Club gave a unique music feast to the employees and their families. In addition to the concert, a seniority ceremony was held at ÜÇGE Group Companies honoring those who have completed their 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th and more years with the presentation of plaques.
In this special year when we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, the theme of the concert was the masterpieces of Turkish music and Atatürk's favorite songs. ÜÇGE Music Club members, who took their colleagues on a short journey through Turkish history, also created a visual and auditory show for their teammates. During the concert, a song dedicated to the late Gökçin Aras, the founder of ÜÇGE, was also performed, and Aras was remembered with longing by his family and all employees. The event, which also featured a Zeybek performance, left the audience in awe.
Aras congratulated ÜÇGE Music Club for their magnificent performance and said, "We admired the talents and performances of our Music Club in the Turkish Music Concert they performed on our day, which has a great meaning today. They gave us a unique musical pleasure. On behalf of myself and ÜÇGE employees, I would like to thank our choir, conductor Rüştü Şentürk, who prepared our choir, and the instrumental team. I hope their successful work will continue."
ÜÇGE employees, who came together to listen to the melodies performed by the Music Club, also witnessed the honoring of senior personnel with plaques at the event. The seniority plaques were presented by ÜÇGE Chief Operations Officer Turgut Şenerdem, ÜÇGE Chief Financial Officer Seçkin Yüksel, ÜÇGE Board of Directors Damla Aras and Can Aras, and Belgin Aras, the esteemed wife of the late Gökçin Aras, founder of ÜÇGE Group Companies.
In her speech at the ceremony, ÜÇGE Chairman Damla Aras said: "Today, we had the opportunity to come together with our colleagues to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Republic of Turkey and to commemorate our Great Leader Atatürk, accompanied by the magnificent concert of our choir, which sings unique masterpieces from Turkish music. We also had the pleasure of celebrating our colleagues who have been accompanying us on ÜÇGE's journey of success for many years with the seniority ceremony we organized. I would like to thank all my valuable colleagues who have been a part of our team for many years, who have contributed to the strengthening of our unity and solidarity and to the development of each of our companies into the world's important and trusted brands in their sectors with their devoted work and deep experience. Together with all our employees, we continue to move forward with works that will create value and leave meaningful marks for the future."
The ceremony ended with the anthems sung together for the 100th anniversary of our Republic.