Health & Cosmetics

The health sector necessitates innovative shelf solutions in these areas where the product variety of special store equipment used in the display of pharmacies, cosmetics and drugstores is huge. All materials such as metal, wood, plexiglass, glass can be used in health and cosmetic shelf systems. There are many advantages of separating medical and cosmetic products due to the different usage areas. In particular, keeping medical products sold in pharmacies and drugstores separate from cosmetic products saves time for sales personnel and purchasing customers. Pharmacy pull-out shelving systems effectively stack bulky medications together in a smaller space, making non-pharmaceutical areas as efficient as possible. This drawer system, produced for pharmacies and pharmaceutical warehouses, provides maximum stocking opportunity in small areas.

Pharmacy shelf systems and cosmetic shelf systems are designed by prioritizing the needs of customers and staff. It is of great importance that both the storage areas and the display areas are stacked and presented with regular and vertical solutions that will not leave space. Systematic grouping of cosmetic and non-medical products, arranging and presenting the shelves in a way that does not cause confusion, accessing the shelves without the need for personnel is an expected feature for customers. In addition to being accessible, the design of these shelf systems that will attract customers should also create an effective striking. While displaying on the shelves according to the product category, it is of great importance to store and place the product by paying attention to the material sensitivity, size and expiry date. While the products on the drug and cosmetic store shelves are sold in the same place, the exhibited areas should be different. Since the shelf life of cosmetic products can be very diverse on cosmetic shelves, it is very important to stack and display the products separately. In the cosmetics department, customers can easily access the product they need, while in the pharmacy department, the drugs should be closed and in an area where no one except the sales personnel can reach them. Thus, the workload of pharmacists and sales personnel is also reduced. For this reason, shelf system solutions that facilitate the placement and use of products both provide security and minimize time losses.

It is very important that drugs produced for human health are kept in appropriate temperature and safety conditions in both the display and storage sections. While determining the cosmetic shelf prices, it is shaped according to certain conditions such as the size of the project, the diameter and type of the material to be used. A quality, stylish, spacious image creates an atmosphere of trust in the pharmacy and cosmetics industry. The brands for which we have implemented the store equipment also strengthen all ties with the experience they provide to their customers in the store atmosphere.

Being aware of many factors such as the variety of products in pharmacies, drugstores and cosmetic markets, the importance of these products in terms of health, the responsibilities of sales personnel and the speed in product circulation, ÜÇGE Store Equipments offers store designs with storage solutions that will give you more space and a unique combination of different materials. It offers innovative solutions that are both personnel and customer friendly with its specially designed shelves that provide an impact. Among these solutions, opening shelves that highlight the products and provide easy access, functional drawers that can be adjusted with separators, partitions that can be adjusted according to the size of the medicine box and many other benefits can be counted.

ÜÇGE Store Equipments offers great convenience to those working in the fields of cosmetics, drugstores and pharmacies, as well as offering designs that will strengthen the perception of trust the store creates in its customers with its magnificent products. Discover the unique designs of ÜÇGE that will create a unique shopping experience in the field of pharmacy and cosmetics, as in every sector it has signed.