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Our founder, the late Gökçin Aras; store equipment and warehouse shelving systems sector's firsts in Turkey, and the trust of world brands a model business that creates a global brand and leads the industry as a human being. The projects he and his team realized ideals and innovative perspective inspire us on our brand journey continues to be.
Gökçin Aras was born in 1954 in Göle, Ardahan. His father, a teacher who graduated from the Village Institute Because of this, she and her family moved to Bursa in 1967. From the age of 13, Gökçin Aras started living in Bursa, He completed his secondary and high school education in Bursa. He graduated from Bursa Education Institute, Department of Turkish Language and Literature.
In addition to his education, he studied at Ankara Faculty of Law. In 1976, he started with a small shelf workshop in Bursa. Completed its 46th year in its retail journey with the ÜÇGE brand. Gökçin ARAS, with his successful businessman identity, has been a member of TUGİAD, GESİAD and KESİAD as well as various non-governmental organizations in the organization of the Turkish football club. Aras, who loves sports very much, served as the second chairman of the Bursaspor Board of Directors and He took part in the management in various periods. Emniyetspor, which competed in the Volleyball 1st League, also had a period of and served as its chairman.
Gökçin Aras, who comes from a family of teachers and attaches great importance to education, set out with the principle of 'Our children are our future' he started the Hayriye Aras Elementary School in Ardahan Çobanlı Village on behalf of his mother and his father Mehmet, who was a teacher. On behalf of Aras, he built the Teacher Mehmet Aras Elementary School in Beşevler, Bursa.
Within the scope of social responsibility To contribute to our children, youth and our country in sports, culture, arts and many other fields is one of the biggest has been one of its goals. Gökçin Aras is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ÜÇGE group companies, of which he is the founder, and since 2016 he has been the Chairman of GPD (Food Retailers Association) as a member of the Board of Directors. ÜÇGE, founded by Gökçin Aras with the principles of Power, Trust, Glory and Splendor, is today a leading company in the retail, logistics and industrial sectors is one of the most important suppliers in the world.
The story of ÜÇGE, including the history of Turkish supermarkets and retailing, and its founder Gökçin Aras the ideals he has realized with his team on his journey; to the producers who continue their journey to become world brands. also continues to inspire.