Optics & Accessories

Accessories, one of the most striking areas of boutique stores, attract the attention of many people with their wide product range. For the display of optics, eyeglasses and accessories with colorful and various product groups, stands are produced by using many materials together. It is of great importance for the prestige of the brands to make designs that customers can shop comfortably in store decoration. Projects are being prepared to showcase the product in the best possible way. 

The lighting and color selection used in the stores of optical brands, the showcase design should be analyzed in accordance with the brand identity. The shelf system used or the special production stands should provide integrity with the exterior and the showcase. Special design, project management and production stages are shaped according to the expectations of the customers. 

The panels in the stands and wall units where the glasses will be located can be produced from materials such as wire, glass, plexiglass, wood and metal. During the project phase, together with the on-site exploration, the choice of area and material and/or concept where the project will be made is determined by the wishes of the customer. We produce special concepts for brands that sell glasses, optics, jewelry and clothing accessories.