The product variety of cosmetics and drugstore stores necessitates special store equipment and shelf solutions that provide ease of use in both display and warehouse areas. In particular, both customer- and personnel-friendly designs gain great importance in Pharmacy Shelf Systems due to factors such as the need to separate cosmetic products sold in drugstores and pharmacies and medical products, and the requirement that drugs are presented by sales representatives.

On the other hand, presenting cosmetic or non-medical products that are accessible to customers in a certain systematic and uncomplicated manner, and being accessible with minimum personnel intervention are other features expected from the shelves for this area.

It is important for product accessibility that pharmacies, drugstores and cosmetics stores, which need to present products in the right area with an effective design with the store equipment they use, store and place these products in the store by paying attention to their expiration dates, material, sensitivity and size. For example, since drugs and cosmetic products can be found together in pharmacies, they need to be displayed with different systems and accessibility.

In pharmacies and drugstores, drugs that should not be accessible to customers are offered by sales representatives. For this reason, the use of collapsible shelves that support the ease of shelf placement of medical products and make them easy to find, on the one hand ensures safety and on the other hand prevents loss of time.

In addition, it is a must to store medicines directly for human health on shelves produced with materials that will provide suitable storage conditions in both the warehouse and display sections.

On the other hand, functional stands separated by product function or brand, where customers can easily access cosmetic products, reduce the burden on pharmacists.

The atmosphere created by the products presented with stylish and original designs is also the biggest friend of cosmetic stores. The customers, who browse between the carefully separated shelves with high product visibility and functional clues that will highlight the brands' products, both easily access the product they need and trust the brand more.

Being aware of many factors such as the variety of products in pharmacies, drugstores and cosmetic markets, the importance of these products in terms of health, the responsibilities of sales personnel and the speed in product circulation, ÜÇGE Store Equipments offers store designs with storage solutions that will give you more space and a unique combination of different materials. It offers innovative solutions that are both personnel and customer friendly with its specially designed shelves that provide an impact. These solutions include opening shelves that highlight the products and provide easy access, functional drawers that can be adjusted with separators, partitions that can be adjusted according to the size of the medicine box and many other benefits.

ÜÇGE Store Equipments offers great convenience to those working in the fields of cosmetics, drugstores and pharmacies, as well as offering designs that will strengthen the perception of trust the store creates in its customers with its magnificent products. To discover unique designs that will create a unique shopping experience in the pharmacy and cosmetics field, as in every sector that ÜÇGE has signed. you can click the link.