In today's increasingly competitive world, stores have to do much more than just offer an environment suitable for shopping. Now, not only the product or service offered, but also the branding process is of great importance. Stores that have to compete with their competitors in digital media as well as physical stores need to offer consumers much more than sales.

So what can a store offer to the consumer other than sales? When the modern consumer enters a store, they expect to both shop and experience. This experience can be divided into many sub-titles, from aesthetic pleasure to socialization. Research shows that the store experience both affects the time consumers spend in that store and makes a difference in their purchase rates. Considering the important role that store equipment plays in the store experience, it is clear that their efforts in this direction have contributed greatly to both sales and brand image.

When we examine the factors affecting the image of the store, it will be seen that the attitude of the employees, sensory factors such as sound and smell in the store and of course the design of the store are effective factors in branding and creating an image. A research conducted in the field of retail shows that designing the store environment in a way that focuses on pleasing the customer and prompting him to take action has many profitable results, especially in the short term.

ÜÇGE's unique and innovative solutions offer many target-oriented alternatives in store design, which leads the consumer to spend a long time on the shelves or even to purchase a product or service, without convincing the consumer to enter the store. In this way, it is possible to create a profit in the short term and a successful brand image in the long term. No matter what sector you are in, there is a solution developed by ÜÇGE for your store. Let's shape the future together.