ÜÇGE Electronic, one of the ÜÇGE group companies, was the winner of this year's "PREMIUM DEALER OF THE YEAR 2020" award, which Italy-based Coop Bilanciai, which has a wide customer portfolio with its weighing and labeling-based solutions in retail and industrial areas and dates back to 1949, determines the most successful business partner every year.

Since 1994, ÜÇGE Electronic, which has been supplying technological products to retail and industrial production facilities, has been awarded the "PREMIUM DEALER OF THE YEAR 2020" award by Coop Bilanciai, an Italian company offering automatic weighing labeling solutions, which it decided to cooperate with at the beginning of 2020, for its successful activities and projects.

ÜÇGE Electronic Marketing Sales Director Mehmet Bünyamin Dirlik stated that this award constitutes an important milestone in the deepening cooperation with Coop Bilanciai and made a statement about the cooperation process leading to the award with Coop Bilanciai: "Coop Bilanciai offers a wide portfolio of packaged product weight control and labeling systems, especially in food and non-food production facilities; It makes a difference in fresh food sectors such as red meat, white meat, fruits and vegetables with its product and case / box based automatic weighing labeling solutions. Thanks to its customer and project-specific tailor-made solutions, it is one of the most competitive and decisive brands in Turkey, as in many parts of the world, in terms of benefit-price, performance and return on investment efficiency.

As ÜÇGE, we came together with Coop Bilanciai officials in Turkey at the beginning of 2020. They visited ÜÇGE's production facilities and got information about the company. They had the opportunity to closely observe and evaluate ÜÇGE Electronic's successfully completed projects, product portfolio, brand strength and recognition, technical service competencies, experience in past projects and market potential in the Turkish market. As a result of the meetings, it was agreed that a strong partnership between Coop Bilanciai and ÜÇGE Electronic could be achieved.

ÜÇGE, which became the distributor of Coop Bilanciai brand in Turkey with the cooperation realized, has contributed to the bidding of serious projects, the realization of important projects in Turkey and Azerbaijan, the timely completion of the investments made, and the start or uninterrupted production of the facilities despite a year in the shadow of the pandemic. ÜÇGE Electronic was awarded 'PREMIUM DEALER OF THE YEAR 2020' by Coop Bilanciai for its successful domestic and international sales and technical service operations throughout the year. By joining forces for the Turkish market, Coop Bilanciai and ÜÇGE offer their customers the opportunity to write and increase their 'Satisfaction Experience' stories day by day.

As ÜÇGE Electronic, while successfully representing the innovative and high-tech products of our solution partners in Turkey, Turkic Republics and nearby geography, the successes we have achieved with the understanding of serving the needs of our customers with the principle of '100% Right Products, 100% Right Solutions' will follow."