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ÜÇGE, Turkey's global brand trusted by world brands, signaled that it will move forward with strong steps that will add value to the future in the organization where it announced its goals, strategies and new investments determined in the light of its vision.

ÜÇGE Group Companies continues its activities as one of the world's major suppliers of store equipment, warehouse shelving systems, smart storage, digital system solutions and a wide range of industrial products for the retail, logistics, industrial production and industrial sectors. ÜÇGE's goals, strategies and new investments determined in parallel with its growing and developing structure in the global arena were shared in an organization attended by all group company employees.

The organization started with the screening of the commemorative video prepared for the late Gökçin Aras, the founder of ÜÇGE Group Companies, and the opening speeches of ÜÇGE Board Chairpersons Damla Aras and Can Aras.



Damla Aras said, "In the light of the vision of our esteemed father and founder Gökçin Aras, who passed away last year, we set out with Can Aras to keep his most precious legacy alive and move it forward. During this process, we have always created our strategies with the philosophy of "how can we get better?" The world has gone through a period of increased uncertainties in recent years, especially with the impact of pandemics, climate change, natural disasters, economic crises and wars; supply chains, food, raw materials and energy shortages, and significant changes in business models and processes. This challenging period has taught us that we are now in an era of transformation and the rules of the game are being rewritten. VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity), which was mentioned a few years ago, is considered the new normal of the global business world. We, both as individuals and as ÜÇGE, aim to achieve our vision by integrating the concept of "Corporate Citizenship" with the goals of growth, maximum efficiency and profitability. When we combine our vision of becoming the first choice company globally in all areas we operate in with current developments, we have determined the strategic focus of the next three years as people, innovation, digital transformation and sustainability. We will continue to further strengthen our new corporate structure and the positions of all our companies in the sectors in which they operate with our solid foundations, our structure that quickly adapts to changing conditions, our competent team and our new corporate structure that we have developed for sustainability. I would like to thank our valuable employees who accompany us on this journey, trust our vision, are always with us and add value to ÜÇGE."

Speaking at the meeting, Can Aras, Chairman of ÜÇGE Board of Directors, said: "It is no longer enough to analyze the current situation in determining our strategic focus. We need to predict and analyze global trends and structure our road map accordingly. ÜÇGE is a company that has broken new ground in its sector and Bursa industry in its 47-year journey. It is our goal to continue this cultural heritage left to us. As mentioned in the research conducted by global audit firm PwC, half of the business world will invest 2.5 times more in advanced digital technologies in 2026 compared to today. With artificial intelligence solutions using deep learning, we expect digitalized skills such as decision making, risk management, data analysis and information management to become the new normal of the future. As ÜÇGE Group Companies, we are one of the most important brands in the national and global market in all areas we serve, and we are strengthening our current position every day. Our technology and facility investments and R&D projects continue unabated. However, when we say growth and development, these investments are not limited to factories, technology and machinery. These investments are meaningless without our most important value, our employees. Gökçin Aras was a leader who always taught under all circumstances with his educator spirit and always wanted the best for all of us. When Damla Aras and I took over the management flag, we wish to follow in his footsteps and continue his philosophy of "valuing people" and make it even more meaningful, and for this reason, we are accelerating our institutionalization efforts. I would like to congratulate all our employees once again for their past achievements and thank them in advance for their contributions to our future successes."


Making a statement about the developing structure of ÜÇGE Group Companies and the future investments of the group, ÜÇGE Group Companies President Esra Güven said, "We are in the process of rapid development in all areas in which we operate nationally and internationally with our ÜÇGE Group Companies. We are realizing our investments with new technologies, new products, new markets and new facilities to support this development. We offer important solutions with robotic storage systems for retail, logistics and industry, iECO branded Deposit Return Vending Machines, Public Return Centers and Verification Facilities whose system and software are developed by ÜÇGE, our new generation digital systems that we started to implement under the roof of our new brand blu.xone, and our technology investments. 

We plan all our processes with measurements and measures to reduce our carbon footprint. Aware of our responsibility for the future, we adopt sustainability as an integral part of our corporate culture and strategies and continue to take important steps to integrate it into all our processes with the motto "The Future is on Your Trail". In parallel with these developments, we have also started our strategically important facility and factory investments in Gemlik Bursa Free Zone and TEKNOSAB. We continue to build our future success and growth together with our employees on an axis that will add value to our customers, sectors, country, society and planet. 

With the changing world and changing ways of doing business, Human Resources management and strategies are also being reshaped. At this point, I would like to state that the concept of 'Value for People' forms the basis of our motto 'Value for the Future'. While preparing both our companies and employees for the future, we are updating our human resources strategies focused on talent management and employee experience processes in our work culture. In addition to our recently launched digital HR platform, we further strengthen our corporate culture with our training, development, social responsibility and motivational activities in which our employees actively participate. " he said.


The organization ended with a retirement ceremony where the senior management presented gifts to the employees of ÜÇGE Group Companies, who were entitled to retire, for their valuable services and devoted work to date.