ÜÇGE Shows Red Card on Women's Day

ÜÇGE drew attention to women's rights and raised social awareness with the motto "My Color is Red"
ÜÇGE organized a special event with the theme "My Color is Red" to draw attention to gender inequality in order to ensure gender equality on the basis of diversity, equality and inclusiveness, and to draw attention to the issues of women being more involved in business life and leadership roles by recognizing the value they deserve. The event, hosted by ÜÇGE, aimed to raise awareness against gender inequality. Translated with DeepL.com (free version)
In the panel organized at ÜÇGE Işıktepe OSB main factory, speakers who make a difference in their fields and inspire with their experiences shared their knowledge and experiences about lived events and studies on gender equality. In the panel moderated by Brand Communication Consultant, Journalist, Author Sibel Bağcı Uzun, Bursa BUSADER President and Business Person Elif Evke, BUIKAD Founding President, Arya Women Investment Platform Bursa Vice President Selma Çetinkaya Türker, Author, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist Specialist Doctor Aslı Aktümen and Lawyer, Women and Children's Rights Advocate, Health Law and Nutrition Specialist, UCIM Turkey Legal Coordinator Mine Rana Kahramanoğlu took part as guests. The panel discussed how to overcome gender inequality in social life and the business world, and the effectiveness of women in leadership roles. Participants called for joint struggle and cooperation against gender inequality.
ÜÇGE Human Resources Director Seda Nur Akcan İncir said the following about the event: "As women's participation in the workforce increases, our companies become more diverse, innovative and visionary. By women and men working together, we are taking important steps towards building a fairer society and a more sustainable future. With the event we organized with the motto 'My Color is Red' and hosted very valuable guests, we aimed to raise awareness on this important issue and contribute to social change. At the same time, we wanted to make this special day even more meaningful by making a donation to the Koruncuk Foundation on behalf of each employee of our ÜÇGE Group Companies. With this donation, we aim to contribute to the journey of our children to become self-confident individuals who grow up with love and trust, aware of their modern rights. On this occasion, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our women power for their contributions and support in our journey with the vision of creating value for the future."