ÜÇGE has started to implement new generation smart products developed in its R&D center with a focus on innovation and technology. ÜÇGE's first product "iECO Recovery System", which was launched in this context, became the center of attention of the retail sector at the 7th Joint Development Congress organized by the Food Retailers Association this year.

At the GPD-Common Development Congress, where hundreds of professionals from the retail sector came together, they made a statement about their first product iECO Recovery System and other works that make a difference in their sector;

"As of January 1, 2022, deposit management system implementations are planned to start in Turkey, with priority given to glass, PET and aluminum beverage packaging. In this context, we, as ÜÇGE, have launched our "iECO Recycling System" product in order to prevent pollution caused by packaging waste, which is one of the biggest environmental problems of today, to create a sustainable system, and to save time and convenience for all sectors. iECO, a project that we also see as part of our social responsibility, gives consumers the habit of recycling. iECO has a system in which contracted customer loyalty cards and products suitable for recycling are registered. It allows consumers to throw their pet, glass and metal can waste into the iECO Recycling System machine and then the deposit fee is returned to their customer loyalty cards. The system also generates recycling statistics. It is possible to utilize this technology in many private and public areas such as shops, markets, shopping malls, restaurants, factories and schools. iECO, which has many different configurations and provides significant advantages in terms of cost, is a product that will be preferred at every point where it is needed.


iECO, Turkey's first domestic "Recycling Machine"

As a company with 100% Turkish capital, we are also proud and happy to have realized this important system, which provides gains for our country, society and the environment with the cooperation of producers, distributors and consumers, as the first and only fully domestic product produced in this context in Turkey."


ÜÇGE signaled that it will continue to break new ground and be a pioneer in the smart digital technologies of the future with its other new technology products, Smart Order Picking Cart and Smart Shelf Labels, which provide speed and efficiency.