ÜÇGE created great awareness in 13th Local Chains Meet in 2022 with its iECO branded smart products serving the Deposit Return System and ÜÇGE ESL Electronic Label systems with innovative cloud-based software.

iECO i30 E - i30 Auto TRIANGLE IoT

ÜÇGE, a global brand with its production and technology power in the field of store equipment and shelf systems, attracted attention with its products and systems focused on sustainable future, circular economy and digital transformation at its stand in Istanbul, Local Chains Meet 2022.
ÜÇGE General Director Esra Güven; “The problem of waste, which affects the whole world, brings with it consumption and environmental problems. One of the biggest environmental problems of today is pollution caused by packaging waste. However, 90 percent of the packaging raw material need in Turkey is imported. Within the scope of the circular economy, it is very important to ensure the recovery of packaging waste as a resource in our country. With the Deposit Return System, one of the most important steps of this process, it is aimed to recover 70 percent of packaging waste within ten years. As ÜÇGE, we, together with our country, took the first step as a local producer to end the waste problem. We brought our iECO branded smart products and ÜÇGE ESL Electronic Label System, which we implemented with special software to prevent pollution caused by packaging waste and to create a sustainable system that will contribute to the circular economy, at the Local Chains Meet 2022 Conference and Fair. With our iECO branded smart products and systems serving the Deposit Return System, we make it easy and common to recycle materials that are difficult to decompose in nature. iECO vending machines, also known as Deposit Return Machines, are a product group with internet of things technologies. We can also define ÜÇGE iECO deposit return machines as recycling vending machines. The return points/centers created within the scope of the recycling ecosystem will be found as the point where the empty and verified packages fed by the consumers are received and the deposit fees are returned, and the activities carried out in the vending machines located at these points will also leave a live time record in the deposit information system run by the environmental agency. Developed by 100% domestic capital and engineers from ÜÇGE, iECO Recovery System Software also has an infrastructure that complies with the Deposit Information System Regulation and provides remote control and management when required. "said.

electronic shelf label triangle

GÜVEN also gave information about the ÜÇGE ESL Electronic Label System, which was implemented as the ÜÇGE brand in order to ensure efficiency in markets, stores, dark stores, horeca and all sales points; “With this system, the information change process is transferred to the digital environment, ensuring continuity in operational management. To be able to make price changes quickly and accurately at all sales points, to eliminate the differences that may arise between the shelf price and the box price, to increase the operational speed of the processes, to create a more efficient experience in the processes, to provide maximum working efficiency to the employees and to reduce the environmental problems caused by unnecessary paper use. It provides many benefits.”

Güven said, “ÜÇGE, advancing as a globally trusted brand with the innovative vision, values and corporate culture of our late founder and chairman of the board, Gökçin Aras, who we lost recently, will continue to develop projects that will add value to the retail sector and to offer them to the service of the sector. ended.