ÜÇGE's Project Leaving its Mark on the Future Competition

ÜÇGE came together with the participants of the recycling project competition with the theme "Leave your mark for the Future", organized during the environment week for ÜÇGE employees and their families in order to raise awareness about leaving a cleaner and livable world for future generations and all living things.

ÜÇGE employees and their families participated in the competition organized within the scope of World Environment Week by preparing projects that will leave meaningful marks for the future by using recyclable materials. ÜÇGE employees who participated in the competition with their projects and ranked in the ranking were presented with participation certificates and gifts on behalf of their families.  

Seçkin Yüksel, ÜÇGE Executive Board Member, shared his views at the organized event; "As ÜÇGE, we are implementing many studies and projects in our factories, product groups, production processes and offices in order to maintain our commitments for the environment and future generations. Our environmental awareness is based on using resources in the most efficient way, minimizing waste and adopting environmentally friendly technologies. We are progressing step by step towards our goal of reducing our carbon footprint with the projects we realize in our factories. In addition, we constantly review our production processes and continue to search for greener alternatives. Raising internal awareness on sustainability is also among our priorities. We continue to produce projects with all our colleagues to protect natural resources, increase energy efficiency and encourage recycling."