ÜÇGE’den Yerel Zincirler Buluşuyor 2021 İzlenimleri

Local Chains Meet conference, which strengthens cooperation channels by bringing together the local chain market representatives of organized food retail with the leading manufacturers and supplier brands of the sector, and offers a unique atmosphere to its participants every year with the mission of being the largest organization in the sector, between 15-16 September 2021 at the Haliç congress center. Edited.

ÜÇGE General Director Esra Güven and ÜÇGE Store Equipments Inc. Board Member Özgür Aras convey their impressions by making a general summary on the topics discussed, discussed and added value in YZB 2021.

Esra Güven, General Director of ÜÇGE

“The YZB conference, which we attended on September 15-16 with the emphasis on the success and synergy of our company groups, is an indisputably successful organization that brings together the retailer and the supplier in a friendly atmosphere, and satisfies both our minds and our souls. I would like to emphasize a few points that I observed this year in particular.

Particularly this year, the fact that it has evolved into a platform where networking opportunities are provided very actively in an environment where post-pandemic measures are meticulously protected in the congress foyer and longings are fulfilled under these conditions, made us proud in the sectoral sense. We had the opportunity to enjoy the open-air foyer area in its 12th year at the Haliç congress center, where support is provided to follow the presentations of valuable speakers live on digital wide screens in the open air.

It did not escape my attention that the sessions, which focused on the reflections of technological developments on the Turkish economy, the retail sector and the business models of enterprises/institutions under the headings of economy, environment and sustainability, were also carefully followed by 2nd Generation executives with high social responsibility awareness. In this event, where I realized that a structure that supports the new suppliers of the sector was created and retail/manufacturer companies participated in this event, we had extensive achievements in terms of achieving individual and institutional success in all areas of life and adapting to the changing dynamics of the period.

The topics, which are heavily covered with the environmental theme, reinforced our concerns about the livability of the world that we will hand over to the next generations, but also paved the way for the steps we will take individually and institutionally by giving sustainable ideas.

We, too, had the opportunity to meet with our team, on behalf of our ÜÇGE group companies, with the representatives of the retail sector after a long time, and to discuss the future of retailing, sustainability practices, the technological and digital transformation of retail, and the latest innovations in this field.
This is how I observed the contents of the Local Chains Meet conference, the atmosphere and the profile that contributed to the participation.“

Özgür Aras, Member of the Board of ÜÇGE Store Equipments Inc.

“For this event, which brought the stakeholders of the sector together after a long time, first of all, Turkish Retailers Federation and Focus Fair and Congress Management
and all those who contributed, on behalf of ÜÇGE group companies.

In its 12th year, I think it is the best organization that has been held recently, with valuable speakers, remarkable conference contents and the participation of our stakeholders that we have not met face to face for a long time.

The Local Chains Meet event, which welcomes us with the slogan “If You Will Come”, not only emphasizes the future of our companies, employees, us and the keys to sustainable success, but also gives us ideas about the steps to be taken and actions to be taken for the future of our Turkey and the world, while providing clear awareness under the relevant headings. It was an organization that created

In the current period and in the near future, I found the information shared on consumers' expectations from brands, how brands should be positioned in the future, the anticipated development in the retail sector in the next 10 years, and digitalization, which is the trend of today, very useful.

The speakers, who summarized the framework of adaptation to technology, agile project management achievements and sustainable structures in new generation business models with very good examples in other sectors, especially in the retail sector, drew attention to the topics and solution points that cause global and environmental crises.

YZB 2021 conference, which we started by listening to Zerrin Özer's magnificent voice, ended with our gaining valuable achievements for the present and future of our industry and Turkey.

We are ready to provide all kinds of support for sustainable and innovative practices that our stakeholders and partners, especially in the retail sector, will follow in the near future with the achievements of the Local Chains Meet 2021 conference.”