Vegetable & Fruit Sections

In every concept we implement with our customers, we carefully plan, design and implement all the details from the beginning to the end of the project.

Food markets that sell fresh fruits and vegetables can create a large customer base with their customized product group and service. There are two areas of greater communication with customers in grocery stores. The most important of these is the fresh food aisle. There are no elements that may prevent communication with the customer in the counter sections, and the products are in the area that can attract the attention of the customer directly. Elements such as the service offered to the customer during the service and tasting, the hygiene of the environment and the correct positioning of the product groups should be evaluated as a whole. Creating efficient service areas that address the needs of the customer is one of the most important factors that increase profitability.

Fruit and vegetable aisles are among the main equipment that should be found in a market or shopping mall. In supermarkets, hypermarkets, especially in large/small-scale markets with product categories on food, this type of grocery section should be produced and exhibited in accordance with the shopping habits and usage of customers. Fruit and vegetable aisles, which are used to provide your customers with a more comfortable and practical shopping experience in the market, should not only be useful, but also stand out with their sophisticated design made of quality materials. As ÜÇGE Store Equipments, we bring our experience in grocery section and fresh food section shelf systems together with our customers with our wide and high quality product range.