ekmeğe fısıldayan kadın


ÜÇGE, the leading company in the store equipment and shelving systems sector, hosted Turkey's only female bread master and "Nature's Storyteller" Mine ATAMAN, who is known as the "Bread Whisperer Woman" by a wide audience from producers to end consumers and who broke many rules in her field, with her book "The First Table in Heaven", which has just met with her readers.

Although it is perceived as a book to be read only by gastronomy enthusiasts at first, in his book, which he defines as a bread book for bread lovers, a historical novel for those who feed on mythology and history, a magical love tale for fairy tale lovers, and a bedside book for those who call it a human book, he touches on the story of bread, wheat and humanity in Anatolian Civilizations from past to present in a poetic and narrative language.

Mine Ataman expressed her satisfaction with the visit in Bursa and said, "Most people know that I have a retail background. At the opening of the supermarket, the builders enter the area first, and when they are almost done, ÜÇGE comes and organizes the infrastructure and shelves of the store. After that, things are finished quickly and the supermarket is opened with the arrival of the greengrocer. All these memories came alive during my visit to Bursa. We repeated this ritual dozens of times in hundreds of store openings in the best times of my life. As stakeholders of the sector, we lived every moment together. Now to be in ÜÇGE in Bursa... It is an incredible pride for me. To be hosted with such pleasure. I think Turkey has lost its care for life. I have not seen such an attentive team for a long time. It was indescribable for me to be hosted so well in such a valuable brand. On behalf of the entire ÜÇGE team and brand, I would like to thank Mr. Gökçin ARAS, Chairman of the Board of Directors."