Electronic Markets

Make Room for Future Technologies

Your customers experience their first impressions of your brand with their eyesight. An effective visual merchandising plays a key role in this experience. Correctly designed visual applications differentiate your brand in the minds of your customers, ensure that you are in the most ideal position and increase brand loyalty.
We bring quality to your store with functional shelf systems implemented in accordance with electronic products with a wide variety of product capacities in electronics stores. State-of-the-art products deserve special design aisles. ÜÇGE provides a privileged presentation opportunity to give your customers the best purchasing experience.
ÜÇGE offers its customers the widest range of product materials and accessories developed for the electronics world. It produces and implements the display of sensitive products in both elegant and durable form. We have been serving for years with our integrated facilities, which have the capacity to design and produce wood, metal, glass, plexi and many other materials with the same concept.

For many consumers, the primary reason to shop in physical stores is to see and experience products in person before purchasing. Differentiated aisles according to product groups will arouse curiosity by creating different atmospheres. Products that are displayed in a way that can be easily and safely examined and tried on your store shelves, which have been meticulously realized, will enable your customers to focus on the product. You can make your difference even more with remarkable and personalized in-store experiences. All experience-oriented details will have a great impact on your customers' visits to your store. As ÜÇGE, we continue to develop projects for the most effective visual concepts that will contribute to the shopping experience in the retail sector.
Electronic store shelves are a marketing tool used for the presentation and display of electronic gadgets. These shelves allow retail companies to instantly sell their products to their customers and have many advantages over standard shelves as they allow them to appeal to a wider range of potential buyers.
Technology stores can receive a lot of visitors in the city of Bursa, and Bursa has many options for electronic markets with its affordable cost. Electronic market shelves are produced with many types of materials. We also include domestic and international shipment and assembly services, and we are with you at every step with after-sales services.
It can be difficult for customers to find what they are looking for in stores that contain many products and accessories such as electronic parts and markets. A regular shelf system ensures that market electronic products can be found easily. The structure of the shelves is very important both for the positioning of large devices with maximum efficiency in minimum space and for the systematic and orderly organization of small products together.

Electronic rack systems do not require a lot of space. They can be installed in small areas that make it easier for retailers to use the areas where they can sell electronic products actively and efficiently. Shelf systems prepared for electronic devices are quite durable. They can withstand heavy load use and continue to operate without any problems. Customers want to be able to take a quick look at available products and make purchasing decisions right away. Properly designed applications save customers time and enable the store to generate more profit from each sale.

Electronic store shelf systems satisfy both store owners and consumers with the effect of facilitating the rapid delivery of products to new customers. Other elements of the concept in the store are also included in the design and production process and added to the project stages. A layout plan is created by considering factors such as lighting, suitable ambient temperature, and where it will be stored. We design and produce not only shop equipment to be used in the display of products, but also accessory equipment. We also consider and implement complementary elements with electronic shelf label systems and auxiliary elements in the stands of devices. Connecting these components together creates an easily expandable system that requires minimal investment. The installation of these systems has become quite easy. Electronic shelf label systems prices vary according to the project area, material selection, concept and product variety. Many small businesses see this as an opportunity to reach consumers directly without requiring minimal purchase orders or excessive inventory costs due to its easy setup. Electronic store shelves are becoming one of the most widely used marketing tools for selling electronics, due to the many advantages mentioned above.