Market Shelf Systems

Changing shopping habits have been reshaped by the requirements of modern technology. The structuring of market concepts according to shopping behaviors has become inevitable with this situation. Market shelf systems allow customers to easily reach their needs while also aiming to enjoy shopping. It is designed by considering many factors from the neighborhood where the markets are located to the area to be built. Market shelves should be positioned at an easily accessible distance and at intervals. Various market middle shelf structures have different needs. They are shelf systems that will make the biggest need in many areas from large-scale shopping structures such as hypermarkets and supermarkets to discount, cash & carry and wholesale retail sectors. Projects in which many different materials such as steel wire, wood, plexi, and glass come together in an aesthetic form attract great attention and demand from retailers. Although the structures, shapes and maximum weights of the products to be used in the markets vary, the needs are basically similar and can be customized according to the needs. In markets where food and non-food products are available, the design of shelf systems is shaped according to the height and square meter of the area to be displayed.

Wooden market shelves, wire shelves, metal shelves, etc., placed on wall panels. applications are used in many parts of the markets. Dry food, legumes, vegetables, fruits and fresh food departments, bakery products, beverage departments, cosmetics departments, etc. often used in sections. We are more inclined to buy products that appeal to our eyes aesthetically rather than just for ease of use. ÜÇGE Market makes stores useful and aesthetic with its shelf equipment. Apart from markets, textiles, glassware, hardware, etc. This type of shelf models can also be used in markets in sectors.

In addition to the shelf production of the markets, we meticulously design and produce the most basic needs of the markets, such as cash registers, in our integrated facility. Regardless of the height of the ceiling to be installed, the size of the area, ÜÇGE is always with you with the investments we made in the production area. We offer solutions with the production capacity that can fulfill all kinds of designs and demands for the tastes and needs of the customers. Wall units and panels, wall sections, middle section shelves, bakery product shelves, legumes shelves, spice sections and cash register bottoms are among the other services produced in the desired color and size that will meet all the needs of a market.

Shelf systems of different sizes and dimensions are produced for supermarkets, hypermarkets and wholesale markets. Each model can be painted according to the desired color by going through the powder coating stage. Thus, the harmony captured with colors together with its functionality will be reflected in the atmosphere of the market. market shelf It is possible to make the space 100 percent efficient together with vertical storage solutions that facilitate placement in the product array. Shelf systems that facilitate stock tracking can be used in any area needed. Produced shelf systems are delivered in the shortest delivery time. It also saves time thanks to its easy installation. The prices of wholesale and retail shelf systems vary according to the material to be used, paint, shelf dimensions, dimensions, the area to be installed and the needs of the customers. We can create systems that can be disassembled and supplemented with additional grocery shelf layout additions. You can make the desired design with its wide color range and model variety, or you can easily choose one of the designs made. You will not regret choosing these systems that you can use for many years. We continue to implement shelf systems in all sectors, which you will always display and sell, as well as provide maximum storage in minimum spaces.
Market shelf systems price list varies according to the material type and the area where the product will be applied. Market shelf prices are determined by the expectations of the customers and the project. It is the most practical, fast and easy way to buy fresh food in wholesale food markets. Food markets or chain markets have quite a variety of products from many different countries.

Market shelf products allow sales companies to offer all food and non-food retail products directly to their consumers. In addition to these, one of the most used accessories in the markets is electronic labels. The label system has made great progress with the new technology and has become an element that facilitates not only pricing but also stock tracking. In our integrated facility, where we carry out our R&D studies by closely following the technology, we develop solutions that make it easier for the employees to keep track of their stock, and enable the customers to find what they are looking for. In this context, we develop and implement the electronic label system and support the market food shelf systems at every stage. So you actually see us everywhere.