ÜÇGE has announced that it has added a new one to its new technology investments for high and secure warehouse systems in vertical storage.

Triangle warehouse racking systems

ÜÇGE has announced that it has added a new one to its new technology investments for high and secure warehouse systems in vertical storage. ÜÇGE, which produces projects for all business lines in logistics, retail and industry, continues to make a difference and accelerate its growth plans with new technologies in storage rack systems and smart storage solutions. 

 “We produce with a technology that offers cost, time and quality advantages together”

With its new investment, ÜÇGE has the power to process the closed profiles of vertical and fully automatic storage systems up to 40 meters and above. ÜÇGE DRS Warehouse Raf Systems Inc. Robotics Director Tunçer Yıldız said, “We will continue to meet the high automatic warehouse system need of the industry by producing our existing and new product groups with the new technology investment we have made and integrating them with our AS/RS robotic and automation systems. Our products with maximum quality and strength will add strength to our customers with the most competitive prices.” said. 

Touching on the advantages of the new investment in terms of storage systems, Yıldız said, “The shift of the market from horizontal stocking to vertical stocking in the warehousing area and automation technologies mainly included in the warehouse create different needs in the sector. In terms of utility, automatic warehouse means high warehouse. Costs are more economical and competitive in high warehouse. It is one of the indispensable criteria to use solid and durable sections in order to be able to go vertical in the warehouse system and especially when we consider the earthquake reality. With the new investment, we started to process construction profiles with a different technology in automatic warehouse projects up to 40 meters and higher.  
One of the most important features of this system is the use of closed profiles, which are both rigid and economical, with higher axial load resistance and bending moment strength compared to open section profiles, optimized, suitable for structural engineering technique. 
With our new technology, we have expanded our boundaries in vertical storage systems with maximum load capacity, wide size ranges and versatile customer-specific customization possibilities in project design. We have become able to produce many different product designs with a single machine group without the need for an infrastructure such as molds.”

“We have become one of the most important actors of the global market”

Stating that they have further strengthened their position in the global market, Yıldız said, “ÜÇGE is a company that has brought many innovations to the sector with its advanced technology and innovative power. With this investment, we are proud to strengthen our position among the world's leading manufacturers in high warehouses. Simultaneously, we continue to rapidly develop our new projects for robotics and automation in storage systems under our R&D roof and continue to be the innovative solution partner of the industry.” said.