ÜÇGE welcomed ÜSİGEMÜSİ Working Council within the scope of University-Industry cooperation

ÜÇGE, one of the most important suppliers of the retail and logistics sector in the field of store equipment and warehouse shelving systems, hosted the ÜSİGEMÜSİ Working Council at its main factory in Bursa Organised Industrial Zone.

The activities of the University-Industry Cooperation Development Centre (ÜSİGEM) and the Public-University-Industry Cooperation Platform (KÜSİ) implemented by the Rectorate of Bursa Uludağ University (BUU) continue uninterruptedly. Industrialists and academicians who are members of the Working Council come together with representatives of different institutions and organisations at certain intervals and exchange views on the production of joint projects.

The 7th meeting of ÜSİGEMÜSİ Working Council was hosted by ÜÇGE. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Saim Kılavuz, Rector of Bursa Uludag University, ÜSİGEM RUSI Executive Board, ÜÇGE Chairman Gökçin Aras, board members and academicians were present at the meeting.


We will develop new projects for our country on a common platform

BUU Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Saim Kılavuz, who made the opening speech of the meeting, pointed out that universities have entered into an intensive work tempo in terms of cooperation activities with society, city and industry. Rector Prof. Dr. A. Saim Kılavuz emphasised that they take care to bring together distinguished representatives of the business world and academicians in monthly periods; "We exchange ideas about the studies and projects to be carried out at the meetings. We hold our meetings one month at our university and the other month at industrial organisations without interruption. We have identified many projects. We bring together academicians and industrialists who can carry out these projects. We determine the methods and working methods. We evaluate them together. We held a meeting at Ermaksan before, we came together at our university last month, and today we met at ÜÇGE company hosted by Mr. Gökçin. We will continue in this way one by one. We will make our best efforts to produce new projects by bringing our Bursa, Turkey, industrialists and our university together on a common platform. I would like to thank Mr. Gökçin Aras for hosting us."


We benefit from the knowledge of our university

Gökçin Aras, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ÜÇGE, emphasised that as industrialists, they are extremely pleased with this new practice initiated by Bursa Uludağ University and underlined that in the previous years they could not establish sufficient contact with the university. Pointing out that this series of meetings organised by ÜSİGEMÜSİ Working Council is a very important breakthrough, Gökçin Aras said: "The council brought industrialists and academicians together. During this time, we started to get to know each other, we realised that we have deficiencies as industrialists, and we are discussing how we can benefit from the knowledge of the university or how university-industry cooperation can be improved. We meet every month and our meetings are very productive. We set out on a different path. I hope we will be successful. I would like to thank our rector and all members of the working council."

In the first session of the meeting, BUU Faculty of Medicine Faculty Member Assoc. Prof. Dr. Burhan Coşkun made a presentation on 'Digital Health and Artificial Intelligence Applications in Medicine' and BUU Beekeeping Development Application and Research Centre Director Prof. Dr. İbrahim Çakmak made a presentation on 'Status and Future of Beekeeping in Turkey'.


ÜÇGE's advanced technology machine park, innovative products and automatic vertical stacking system attracted great interest

After the meeting hosted by ÜÇGE Chairman Gökçin Aras, the delegation visited the factory and showroom area and closely examined ÜÇGE's advanced technology machinery and innovative products for the retail sector. The visitors also received detailed information about ODİS (Automatic Vertical Stacking System), which has a versatile solution with its ability to be used in retail, e-commerce and storage sectors as well as providing maximum efficiency in minimum space.